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    Ruger LCP II question for owners

    Just purchased a new LCP II and went to the range.

    At 7 yds, using a 5.5" Shoot n See target, I was consistently shooting about 6" low, but it patterned well. Just approx. 3" below the target edge.
    I also shot my Bersa 380 and was pretty much inside the target all the time.
    (Without a doubt, the LCP II is more snappy and with the pinky hanging, a bit less to hang on to.)

    Is this common for the LCP II to shoot low? Should I expect better with time or does the gun need some attention? I didn't know quite what to expect. (A buddy said I could just aim at the perps belly button if you want to ruin their love life!)
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    I seem to recall reading something similar to this somewhere, but donít recall where. I suggest you have someone else shoot it to see if they have similar results.

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    Mine shoots to point of aim at 7 yards from what I recall.

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    My FIL's did the same thing but his went left. I don't know if he ever sent it back or not.

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    No problems with mine other than its a little small to get use to. Practice, practice, practice as its not a target gun.
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    Even though the sights are not adjustable, what you can do is get a bottle of bright orange nail polish at the local dollar store and paint the front sight offset a little bit high/low left/right, and then aim using only the orange part centered between the rear sights to help manipulate shot placement.

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    My lcpII shoots better than my XDS out to 10 yards

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    That is the very same reason I got rid of my LCP.
    It was just a bit to small to get a good hold.
    It would be better at being a 22lr.

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    Mine shoots fine.
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    I am considering sending this LCP II to Ruger as I cannot put 6 rounds inside a 5.5" Shoot n See target at 5 yards, let alone 7 yards. My Bersa .380ACP and Glock 19 can do so easily. I have run over 100 rounds thru it and it seems no better.
    I've seen many reviews where groups of approx. 3" or less are routine at 7 yards.

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