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    The Perfection that is the Walther PPS M2

    I need to start off by saying that I appreciate single stack guns for their light weight, ability to conceal and the reasonable firepower. I am a fan of all of the M&P guns, so I have a Shield already. I am also a fan of Glocks and Springfields as well, basically any gun that is well built and ultra reliable. The PPS M2 is positioned at a really good price point (under $300 OTD) and it feels incredible in the hand with the 7 round magazine. Now I will say that I have XL hands and I have not had the chance to try the available 8 round magazine.

    It shoots pretty soft and the trigger is pretty darn good for what it is too! These attributes translate into a good shooter for me too and I can't seem to put the darn thing down! If you are looking for a single stack 9, you have got to check out some reviews on this gun. It has no safety and breaks down exactly like a Glock too which I consider positives for a carry weapon. I am starting to justify the "need" to get a PPQ in 4" to keep it company (this is the part where you guys/gals talk me out of buying another).

    Anyone else love this little gun?
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    We don't talk you out of buying guns. We are enablers.

    BTW love the PPS I have an M1 version.
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    Glock is the only one that can use "perfection" in its name, I'm calling blasphemy in this thread! Lol

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