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    Canik/Tristar news

    I'm posting some news for the three other Tristar lovers that might be out there.
    Canik manufactures a hammer fired line of CZ clone guns that are imported by Tristar and sold under the Tristar name.
    Canik dropped the T series, an aluminum frame full size CZ clone, from their hammer fired line about six months ago. Then they dropped their entire hammer fired steel frame line about a month ago. They only make the TP9 striker fired series now.
    I contacted Tristar and they say they continue to import the hammer fired line, including the T-120 and T-100, and provide parts and service. We'll see how long the supply lasts.
    I'm a fan of the Tristar T-120. I like the 30 oz weight for a full size gun.
    I'm sorry to see the end of the Tristars. I guess there just weren't enough buyers out there.

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    That's a bummer. My T100 was a really cool Jericho-esque carryable DA/SA gun. Just needed a decocker.

    My TP9 still runs like a scalded rabbit, though. Outstanding gun.

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    Iíve owned two Tristars. A c100 and a t100. Still have the t100. Iíve installed CGW spring kits in both of them that really made a nice improvement to the DA trigger pull. I really like the t100 and donít have plans to sell it any time soon.

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    I have three of their aluminum frame guns. A pair of T-120s and a C-100. I'm sorry to see them go extinct.

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