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    SA revolver grip?

    Thinking about getting another SA Revolver and was wondering about the Bisley grip angle. Is there positive/negative advantages to the angle? Points better/worse? Or is it just a matter of preference? Actually never held one in my hand. Just going to be another range toy.
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    I dont care for the Bisley grip at all. But then I like the Dragoon frame of the Ruger SBH. I get down lower on it....which keeps the gun from sliding. Get full recoil that way. But with maxd 240s you can hold right and thumb left for a few shots.

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    I've never shot one, that I can remember, But I just don't care for the way they look, kinda funky
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    Even on a Single Six....prefer "regular" frame.

    Got a bud that likes Bisley.

    For me they dont feel right. Or look right. Guess to some folks hands and eyes theyre fine

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    The Bisley doesn't roll in your hand and for me it works better than the first generation Colt's grip, unless it's been fitted with oversize grips. With a standard grip I have to keep my thumb further out and exert pressure there or my grouping will drift to the left.
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    Was wondering about the rollback in your hand. Think I'll just stick with what I know. Wasn't particularly fond of the look but was wondering if I was missing something.

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