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    Best single stack 9 conceal carry

    So as the title suggests I'm in the market for a single stack 9 conceal carry gun. What is everybody out there carry? I'm looking at the shield 2.0 and the Springfield xds model 2 right now

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    Just striker fired guns?

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    Lc9s, cs9, 3914, or 3913.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Expat View Post
    Just striker fired guns?
    That's what I'm leaning towards

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    I really love my 4" XDs in 9mm. The ability to run a flush fit 7 Rd mag or extended 8 or 9 Rd mags is great. With the 9 Rd mag, it turns into a full size gun.

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    There is no “best.” People have different wants and needs. Go fondle and shoot as many as you can.

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    No best as there are many factors in what works "best" for a given person. Size. Shape. Fashion style. Profession. Training. Locations frequented. They all play a role in carry gun selection.

    I carry a Shield OWB with an untucked shirt. All be the very aware will not notice I am carrying a firearm.

    However, i am experimenting with carrying my CZ P10-C. I would like to get down to one gun to do it all and if I can handle carrying the P10-C, that gun will do everything else I would do with a handgun.

    I suspect that a few more will notice that, but I still bet the majority of people won't. But I also have to get used to the increased weight of the P10-C loaded with 7 more rounds than my Shield.

    The Shield virtually disappears.
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    I'm a Glock shooter by trade, so I went with a G43X recently and am very happy with it. It fits my needs (slim profile with a full four finger grip) perfectly and it's a breeze to carry, especially AIWB. A Walther PPS M2 and Shield were on my shortlist, but went with the Glock due to familiarity and feel.

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    If you're specifically looking for single stack you cant go wrong with a shield.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hpclayto View Post
    There is no “best.” People have different wants and needs. Go fondle and shoot as many as you can.

    As right as rain....

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