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Thread: Worst Handgun

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    Worst Handgun

    Everyone names the top shelf stuff. But name the worst you've owned. For me I had a Lorcin 9mm. Was unique when the safety was applied on a loaded chamber the weapon fired. Everytime!!!

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    Keltec PF9- amazingly long and bad trigger pull.
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    RG .22 revolver. The frame let go of the barrel and it still shot just as good.

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    Patriot 45. So bad I gave it away. Total garbage.
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    Jennings J-22. Two or three jams every magazine.

    Actually, when loading the mag with three rounds only, it was reliable and steady. Any more, and it was almost not shootable due to the aggravation. Nickel plated zinc............

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    Diamondback db9. It would jam every other shot. Sending it back improved it to jamming every second shot.

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    Another vote for the PF9. Not only did it like to drop mags when shooting but it had a false reset that clicked like it had reset, yet that was just the first reset click. Plus, it felt like you were setting fireworks off in your hand when you shot it. I sold it but truth be told, I would have paid them to take it had they asked.
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    Sig Mosquito or a Para LTC 9MM commander

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    Jennings J-22, jammomatic, highly dangerous for the user as well

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    Id have to go with pmr30. Was a blast to shoot but unfortunately you could rarely run a full mag without a jam of some sort, which took most the fun out of it

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