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Thread: Best 380

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    Best 380

    I'm looking to replace my older Bersa 380. Sadly, the slide broke after close to 20 years. Anywho, I am looking at the Bersa Thunder Plus. Any other recommendations? Preferably, nothing that requires special tools to break down.

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    I have a Browning 1911-380 with the 4.25" barrel. No tools needed to breakdown, just like any other 1911, but 85% the size. I got it because it was one of the very few guns that would fit my hand.

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    Glock 42. Very small and easy to conceal. Easy to break down, no tools required, and Glock reliability.
    Not expensive either.
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    Since I consider .380 to be suitable for only pocket guns / deep conceal (especially with the prevalence and quality of sub compact 9mm guns now), I personally like the S&W Bodyguard 380 with integrated laser perfect fro this job. Anything bigger (Glock 42, 1911-380) and I would just carry a 9mm.

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    The wife has a Sig P238 that she really likes. Easy to rack the slide and easy to conceal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 223 Gunner View Post
    Glock 42. Very small and easy to conceal. Easy to break down, no tools required, and Glock reliability.
    Not expensive either.
    This ^
    I don't own one but have shot my brothers quite a bit. nice easy shooting, just have to keep a firm grim or you will have jams from the limp wristing
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    The best .380 is a 9mm. Seriously, the recoil with some of these new designs isn't a factor for most people. Unless you have a medical problem, step up.

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    The S&W Shield EZ 380 is a big(ger) sized pistol compared to most other .380's. It's very easy to work and light recoil.

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    I haven't owned a 380acp for years. A couple months ago, got a S&W EZ 380 acp, and it is a decent firearm. Its a holster carry piece, not a pocket model. My Wifey shot it and likes it too. She was watching sales ads on Fathers Day, and Bass Pro had Ruger LCP's on the ad page. She says,"Lets go look at those". After a close inspection of one, we purchased it. I thought the plan was for her to carry the Ruger, but she kept my S&W EZ! Now I carry the Ruger LCP, in my cargos, in the furnished pocket holster. Only ran a box of shells so far, but dependable. I also ordered an extended mag(1 rd additional), as the Ruger only had 1 in the box. Its not a 9mm, but light and easy to conceal. I looked at the Sigs, Kimbers, Springfield Arms, and honestly feel a double action in my pocket is safe to carry. The single actions are nice, quality made, but cocked and locked with a safety to work might confuse someone in a serious scenario of CCW. Good luck on your choice!
    Add: I enjoyed a couple of Bersas over a 30 year time period. Some people dont like them, but I never had an issue. A good friend still has one of mine from the 90's, and run well. I always wanted a Thunder Plus too. Standard models always worked fine. Can you send yours to factory for repair, OP? or, maybe just the slide? They might warranty a repair? Phone call? Good luck!

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    If you like the size and weight of the Bersa, look at the surplus Beretta 84fs and 85fs models. The 84fs is the double stack and is sold out most places. Classic Arms still has the single stack 85fs for under $400.

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