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    I need help with "value"

    Does anybody know the value of a LAR GRIZZLY in 45 win mag? The gun is in great shape, but I just don't know how much it is worth. I seen a few on gunbroker but they didn't have any bids.

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    I see one was listed on here just 2 days ago. That helps! Lol

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    Value is what something sells for, not what's asked. GB should have some that have sold.
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    If you log on to GunBroker and click/tap "advanced search" you can filter the results by closed/won auctions and see what people paid. This is a great tool for rebutting those that say "there's one on GunBroker right now for $xxx!" And, in my current truck selling situation, there's what I think it's worth, and then there's what anyone is willing to pay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gingerbeardman View Post
    ...what anyone is willing to pay!
    ^^^This is always true.

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