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    Might have to look at the P365XL as well.
    I held one last week for the first time and I have to say it fit my hand perfectly but ended up with the standard P365 as I wanted the most compact version. Picked up my G48 earlier this year with the intentions of shooting in a Glock match at Camp Perry , maybe next year.

    I can see the Glock white dot front sight much better than the SIG green dot night sight - at least at the covered range. I simply could not get a very clear sight picture with the Sig. Of course I have not picked up my new glasses yet. That would undoubtedly help.

    The Glock trigger is fairly crisp to me - just heavier than I like. The SIG trigger pull weight is not bad but there is a creepy feel compared to the Glock.

    I like both guns and will probably add another Glock later (G17 , G19 or G34) and maybe that P365XL too!

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    I wish the Sig 365XL would take a real RDS...

    I do know that Suarez makes an adapter plate to put an RMR on a G48. So that plate + the new Shield Arms 15rd mags.... Nice.

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