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    When I'm out and abound it's my CZ P01 with a spare mag, if I'm knocking around the house or out in the yard it's usually my LCR in 22 mag. maybe because I know I have other options close at hand

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    Spring issue: OLDER springs, constructed with poorer steel, certainly can "take a set" and then not be as springy.

    Even modern spring steels can take a set if they're overcompressed. But a fully loaded magazine isn't going to overcompress a spring in a modern magazine.

    Only loading 3-4 rounds in an 8 round magazine is, frankly, goofy. I'd hate for someone I dearly love to be harmed due to it.

    But, hey, your life. You do you.
    Amazing Grace, how sweet was her sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spike Jones 5 2002 View Post
    I would not depend life on your theory.
    Compress anything for an extended amount of time and it will lose it strength.
    The more you compress it the faster it will weaken.
    YES even 2/3 mag capacity.

    I might retract my statement.
    I was not with the understanding the question was about going to war.
    I thought it was about personal protection carry.

    "The people shall have a right to bear arms, for the defense of themselves and the State."
    Article 1 - Bill of Rights - Section 32


    To prevail you must ACT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhino View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by KJQ6945 View Post
    Jagee makes Beetlejuice look like a *****!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashby koss View Post
    With a degree in Mechanical engineering. It is FACT that dynamic loading fatigues springs NOT static loading.

    IF you really want the long version proof, I can but I feel Iíd need to be paid for the amount of time, research, math, physics, and work I would have to do to fully prove a law of physics and metallurgy. LAW not THEORY.
    But I FEEL differently. Your supposed facts are irrelevant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nakinate View Post
    But I FEEL differently. Your supposed facts are irrelevant.
    You have to consider the source... he historically believes nonsense simply because he wants to.
    If youíre free youíll never see the walls.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tactically Fat View Post
    Listen to Rhino, Coach, NHT3, and as much as I hate to say it, Chezuki. :-)
    Mooresville #78 F. & A. M.

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    My usual EDC is a Glock 19 but sometimes I will carry other pistols. Regardless of what I'm carrying, I always carry a reload or two. A wise man once told me that "the only time you can have too much ammo is when you're swimming". Having been in the ocean with a large quantity of ammo, I can attest to the validity of that statement.
    You must prepare your mind for where your body may have to go.

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    "The most important decisions in life are often a matter of probability." Pierre-Simon Laplace (mathematician).

    Individuals differ in terms of what level of uncertainty they are comfortable living with. As others have said, the fact is that you are very, very unlikely to ever have to shoot your gun in self defense. And among that tiny fraction of people who do have to shoot their gun in self defense a tiny fraction will need more than a few rounds. The probability that YOU will have to BOTH shoot your gun in self defense AND need more than a few rounds is the product of the individual probabilities. Just picking random probabilities to illustrate this point, let's say there's a 1 in 10,000 chance that you will have to shoot your gun in self defense and that among those who have to shoot their gun in self defense 3% need more than a few rounds. That means there's a 0.000003 percent chance that you'll need to shoot your gun in a defensive shooting and need more than a few rounds. (0.0001 x 0.03= 0.000003). A similar probability could be calculated for the likelihood of a magazine induced malfunction occurring. Again, I just made up those probabilities, but the point would still remain even if you made the probabilities much higher, the product is a FREAKING SMALL number.

    Those of you who espouse high capacity and multiple magazines are seriously risk averse, which is fine, but I just hope you all have life insurance, because that probability is 100%.

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    I have never, pushing 60 years, used my fire extinguishers, yet I have them in numbers higher than recommended...

    I have never needed my seatbelt, yet...

    I spend a lot of silly foolish money on insurance for my property, vehicles, etc. Never made a claim...
    Done, done, and Iím on to the next one...

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