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    Handgun for lefties?

    Let me just start off by saying, I understand that as a lefty, I should know how to operate all handguns. I just would like to actually own a firearm with a slide lock that I can actually use. I'm just looking for options/opinions. Currently, I am looking at either a gen 5 G17 or a Sig P320 but I'm open to other options. Thanks for anything you guys can tell me.

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    Either will work. The H&K VP-9 also has an ambi slide release. EAA has a few to if you're looking for a DA/SA gun. Walther might too but I'm not sure on that.

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    When I was looking for my first handgun, I found my choices were, HK, FN, and some SIGs.

    I ended up with the HK VP9. They even have a button mag release now.

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    The CZ P10C is completely ambidextrous in the first versions. Those tend to be available cheap used and even new sometimes. The newer version has a reversible mag release but itís the first version that, to me, is the best.

    I became a full time lefty for a while last summer while healing from rotator cuff surgery and the P10C was my go-to gun.
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    Cz 85 if you can find one.
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    Iím a lefty, have owned some firearms that are built for lefties, some that can be converted and some ambidextrous. My conclusion was to learn how to manipulate a right handed firearms with my left hand especially a carry pistol. In a life or death situation you never know what firearm you have to fight with, nothing worse than having the muscle memory and instinct to drop a mag, manipulate a safety or slide lock only to find itís on the other side.

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    My first had an ambi safety (Browning 1911-380). My current does not have a thumb safety (S&W M&P Shield).

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