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    9mm compact recommendations

    Planning on going to Shipshewana gun show this weekend. Wanting to buy 9mm compact w/more than 10 rounds in
    the $350 to $500 range. Which one? Thanks

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    I have a S&W m&p 9c (original 12 rou d) that's slightly bigger than a Glock 26. But truth be told I find a Glock 19 is not that much of a problem. However if I were to buy a true compact in your price I'd look at bnb the S&W shield OR the Glock 43X. Outside your price range yje Sig 225 would be hard to beat. There are some other decent choices that's just what I would get.

    Good luck hope you get a deal on whatever you choose

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    Sig P365

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    Ruger SR9c
    Upwing Extremist

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    I really like the new larger sig 365. With that being said Im going to buy an m&p 2.0 compact. 15 rounds, very smooth, I can get a full grip on it, much easier to reload than something like the 365 because my hand doesn't protrude as much past the bottom of the grip, safety or no safety models, and a grip angle I like. You could also look at the glock 19, similar idea but with a different grip angle.

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    For many years I carried a Glock 26 with an OEM +2 'pinky' extension...always seemed to work just fine. I looked at the Glock 48 as a possible 'thinner' replacement, but recently bought a 'used' (owned, but never fired) Glock 43 from a friend and it's kinda been a nice fit. I added +1 pinky extensions to 3 of the mags, which helps make it fit a bit better, but for a subcompact 'pocket-pistol' it'll work! I carried 5-shot revolvers for over 10 year, still have them too and still, occasionally carry a 7+1 works for me. Besides, I prefer the more 'forward' grip angle of the Glock vs the more vertical grip angle of the Sig Sauer pistols...after shooting a lot of SA revolvers growing up, the Glock grip angle is a more natural 'fit'. Fit-n-feel matters and to each their around with them and pick what works for you...if you can borrow a friend's and shoot a few prior to purchase, that often helps too!
    Stupid should hurt!!! ~ Amishman44

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    My carry picks would be:
    > 10 rounds Glock 19
    < 10 rounds Springfield XDS

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    I have had nearly all mentioned here and more just having fun with trying them out and finding that "fit."
    After I settled on my Shield 1.0 after months of searching, and gave it up in a nanosecond when I shot a friend's Sig P365 and loved it.
    I presently own the Ruger SR9c, a Shield 2.0 & a Bersa PTR9c
    I need to trim at least 1 of them, but I love them all for different reasons.
    Good luck in your search. Whatever you decide on, you'll own something different later anyway!
    Or, maybe that's just me!

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    S&W 6906 if you want old school metal. Also uses 5900 series 15rd mags that will stick out a bit but there are spacers to fill the gap. Or maybe a CZ 75 compact. I tried the 2075 once and didn't like it. Someone happened to have a compact cz75 and it was nice.
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    Sig P239 in 357 Sig

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