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    Glock 43. Tell me about it

    I'm looking at getting a Glock 43 as a summer time take to work / cargo shorts front pocket EDC. I was carrying a 26 for a long time but new job makes for carrying it concealed less easy. As a mechanic I could just were a Dickies over shirt and no one would know but no longer in that field. Now I work maintenance at a local apartment complex and we have some questionable people that come around and I don't like being disarmed.

    I've pretty much settled on the 43 I'm just looking for some real world experience with them. Anyone used the MagGuts +1/+2 adapters with them? Any info is greatly appreciated thanks.

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    Have been carrying a 43X for several months now.

    Not a fan of pocket carry, but I use a Kenai Chest Rig from Gunfighter (when rucking) or a belt line BladeTech when out and about in my fair city.
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    Glock 43 was my EDC from the time it came out. Until the Sig P365 replaced it because it held like 2x as much ammo.

    But that aside....if you are set on the Glock 43, you will not be disappointed. It is a sleek, slim pistol but still easy to control/shoot. I have the Maggut +2 for it and I have had no issues with it. Lots of great aftermarket support. I also think the TLR-6 is a GREAT fit on this gun.

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    Not a Sig fan anymore. The older metal framed guns are cool but I don't trust the new polymer guns from Sig. Or Ron Cohen. Can't say the 365 isn't intriguing though

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    Personally if your in apartment settings and not sure about some situations I’d stay with the g26 minimum or go to g27! But I’m of the mentality that there is no such thang as “overkill”

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    I bought the 43 with the intention of maybe pocket carrying it. That didn't work for me personally, but I appendix carry it pretty much daily and love the thing. That being said, I really want the 43X since I have +2 extensions on my 43 magazines. That would give me 10 round magazines in roughly the same grip length my 43 has right now.
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    I carry a g43 everyday. You cant go wrong. Carry a spare mag or 2 in a pocket. Put your g26 in a lockbox in your vehicle so you still have it too.

    Buy a galco ankle holster. Dont use a mag extension in your pistol because it will stick out and show. Use it on the one in your pocket
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    Quote Originally Posted by ashby koss View Post
    Personally if your in apartment settings and not sure about some situations I’d stay with the g26 minimum or go to g27! But I’m of the mentality that there is no such thang as “overkill”
    In the apartments I have to think about the tenants. I can't freak them out if I walk in to fix a dryer carrying. Not that the owner will care much about me carrying but it's mostly out of common courtesy for them that I will be pocket carrying or I'll be trying appendix carry as well.

    There will be a G17 with extra mags locked in the truck as well.

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    I didn't care for it stock. I sent mine off to Wilson Combat and had the trigger replaced with something good, the slide release replaced with something that doesn't suck, some Wilson etchings and marks on the slide, and a TLR 6 to make it nice and bright. Now it's a good shooter, a great carry weapon, and easier on the eyes. Wilson turned it around in 6 weeks. Looks good now.

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    Practice with it. Single stack glocks have a slightly different feel if you're used to double stack. Also carry at least 2 extra mags. If you get in to a fight, you'll need them.

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