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    Need opinions on three different lightweight .380ACP pistols

    I would like to get fellow INGO members opinions on three different pocket sized lightweight .380ACP pistols:
    Colt Mustang (13.7 oz.),
    Springfield 911 (12.6 oz.)
    Kimber Micro 380 (13.4 oz.)
    Do you own one of these, like it or dislike it? Any issues or problems with any of these guns? I was leaning towards the Springfield 911 because it's a lot less $, but I want to see what everyone's opinions are first.
    Note: These would be for my wife to carry. She currently carries a Ruger EC9s and I mentioned to her that I was going to buy an EC9s for myself and she said why don't I take hers and get her something else that is lighter weight. She shoots the EC9s very well but would like something not as heavy (EC9s is 17.2 oz.). So I thought of the 3 aforementioned .380ACP pistols. Her only requirement is that her gun must have a safety, be semi-auto, and it's less weight than her EC9s. Any comments are appreciated and I might try and find somewhere she can shoot all 3 but haven't found a range yet that carries all 3.

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    I feel like the P238 should be mentioned , I have some trigger time with it and honestly for a micro 380 it is a VERY soft shooter. I found several on gun broker for around the ~$550 mark, and Bass N Bucks in Wabash normally has very good prices on P238's and P938's since they are a Sig Master level dealer ( and 238 and 938's are their best sellers).

    I would get a P238 if it were me , that and I won't give money to Springfield Armory, Kimber QC is shoddy at best and we'll Colt is not what it used to be unfortunately IMHO
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    Everyone seems to forget about the Bersa Thunder.
    Much less in price. A little heavier than the Kimber or Colt, but a comletely serviceable sidearm.

    I gave mine to my mother, but I really like them.
    Dormant U.S.Marine/ NRA Benefactor-Life

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    Iíll second the P238 thought. I used to have a bunch of .380s, including several Bersa Thunders and a PPK. Those are all gone and itís only the P238 that remains in the family. The gun is easy and soft to shoot and has been absolutely reliable. One other thing that might be worth considering is the P938. Itís just a bit larger than the P238 but is in 9mm. You could run a lighter 9mm ammo and gain a bit more energy with no real downside.

    Unfortunately, I have no experience with the 3 that the OP mentioned and cannot be of help deciding between those.
    Ď88 (aka Ď88, the mad scientist)

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    I agree with the P238. We had one years ago and it was very enjoyable to shoot. The only other .380 I've really liked is the SW Shield EZ, but that isn't pocket sized.

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    Not listed but I have an M&P Bodyguard .380 without a laser for pocket type carry. It's not a range gun or really all that fun to shoot but it serves a purpose. And for significantly less than the guns you listed it works for me.
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    I've got a Sig P238, rosewood handles and tritium night sights. Great little gun and accurate for a pocket shooter. Good luck with your choice.
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    I'd also have to second the good comments about the Sig P238. Between my wife and I we have both the P238 and P938. When my wife was looking, she found that the P238 slide racked easier than almost anything else she tried and then she loved the trigger. Needless to say, she shoots the P238 very well. Well enough to want a second one so she didn't have to learn another tool.

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    And, as usual...
    No one weighed in on your original question.

    Mustang... very nice. Spendy. Kinda like the Sig, but without the nite sights. And spendy.
    Kimber... I'm a hard pass on anything recent from Kimber. Just me.
    Springfield 911. Significantly less than any of the others... and although I've never shot this particular firearm, I suspect that there is a reason for the lower cost that would be readily apparent.

    Of the three you asked about, the Mustang is the only one I would consider.

    But the last time I had a Mustang in my hand, the Sig that was next to it won the day.

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    I have a Kimber 380. Really happy with it. Got it for riding the motorcycle fits in the vest pocket on my jackets. I prefer the 1911 type safety and mag release.


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