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Thread: S&W 686 issue

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    S&W 686 issue

    The gun is pretty new, bought it new earlier this year. Doesn't have 250 rounds through it. Yesterday I was having trouble getting the cylinder out and after doing a quick google search most of the suggestions revolve tightening the ejector rod. I tried that and it's as tight as it's going to get, it didn't budge when I tried tightening it. However, I did notice that if I pushed forward on the release with more than just enough to release the cylinder it wouldn't want to come out. I'm quite new to revolvers so is this normal? It didn't seem to have the issue before.

    Is there something else that could be amiss?
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    Years ago I had trouble like that with a model 29, turned out to be bits of 4227 powder from my hand loads under the ejector star. Could have just as easily been dirt or anything else.
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    I'll give it a good cleaning and see if that helps. Haven't cleaned it since Saturday when I went shooting.
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    Give the face of the cylinder a good cleaning as well. I’ve had powder residue build up there and create resistance on the forcing cone.
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    Make sure the yoke screw is tight.
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    I bought one around 6 months ago and sent it to BossHoss after just a few rounds through it. He told me when I picked it up that he had to adjust the cylinder timing (I believe it was) as it was off from the factory. No telling what Q&A issue S&W let through. If cleaning it doesn't help, you might need to take it to someone to look at, or send it back to S&W to ensure it wasn't an issue they missed.

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    Is it harder to open with o ly 1 or 2 chambers lined up with the barrel or does it happen with all 6-7? If so could be a more complicated issue.

    Worst case conta t S&W they do have excellent Cusomer Service.

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    Try the cleaning first.
    Could be several things but sounds like possible endshake issue.
    With the gun closed and empty see if cylinder has any front to back movement there shouldn't be any.
    If it has excessive endshake when you push the cylinder release forward it will push the front of the cylinder into the back of the barrel and cause drag when trying to get the cylinder out. The harder you push the cylinder release forward the more pressure it puts on the barrel and harder it is to open.

    I'm out of state shooting a match and posting this from my phone. Hope it makes sense as I'm posting on the fly.
    Good luck OP.

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    I can't feel any endshake. Looking at it backlit from the side the space between the cylinder and forcing cone looks pretty consistent. I'll give it a good scrub and see how it goes.

    Thanks in advance!

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