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    Quote Originally Posted by KLB View Post
    Are you taking a poll or looking for suggestions to get one?
    This. And if the latter, the answer depends on what you want to do with it/purpose.
    Quote Originally Posted by Frank_N_Stein
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    1911-22. Fun to shoot, no recoil.

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    “...I blame Turbo” -Everyone

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    “...I blame Turbo” -Everyone

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    I really like my SR22. It eats everything I put in it. Accurate too.

    I want to get a Taurus TX22 soon as well. I hear a lot of good about them so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Areoflyer09 View Post

    heads or tails coin

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    S&W 22A with 7 inch barrel.

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    Ruger 22/45 lite and a GSG 1911.
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    Pre-A 41 5.5”.

    Until you go European like a Hammerli International, the 41 will continue to make most’a the rest look like junk.

    Unfortunately, that comes at significantly higher costs in dollars and weight.

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    In terms of a "platform", I think you'll have a hard time getting anything better than a Ruger MK series.

    Not saying they're the best out of the box option, but just like the 10/22, you can do pretty much anything under the sun to a MK series.

    My MKIII 22/45 Lite was on the chopping block, but some VQ goodies installed by INGO's own Turbo has made it a keeper. My newest favorite .22LR pistol is actually the cheapest - Ruger Wrangler. I have a Beretta 21A to test, and wouldn't mind snagging a GSG 1911 at some point, but in terms of an overall platform, I'd have to go with the Ruger. Haven't shot one, but the Browning Buckmark is high on the list as well.

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