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    Another P365 variant rolls out

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    Sig Anti Snag. Interesting

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    I usually would pass o something like this , but Honestly the reduction in height from 4.3 to 4.1 has me interested. I’ve had a nook in mind where I needed something but 4.3 wont do... but....

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    I'm not a Sig guy at all. But THIS is a really clever idea. Not only is there nothing to snag, but there should be no way those sights would ever be off-center. This just makes a ton of sense IMO.
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    Only possible downside to the porting is IF you are forced to shoot from retention. The porting is the main reason I would consider it. The interwebs drivel about porting blinding you at night is just that, drivel. I've only found one factory ported gun that has substantial recoil reduction from porting.
    I'll believe the 30% reduction in recoil when I try one but it does look promising. Don't knock it until you've tried it.

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    I always thought porting was a bit of an unecessary gimmick.Then I shot my son's PC Shield. Now I have one as my summertime EDC. To each their own opinion, but I'm a fan.

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    I like what I see and look forward to what the street price is for one of these.
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    It is different enough to stand out. Looks like the differences might actually add value too. I’ll wait to see but hope to get a chance to shoot one someday.
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    ACC is online now

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    What I will find impressive is if Sig takes the P365 into the realm that Smith & Wesson kind of goes and Glock NEVER goes....mix & match modularity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACC View Post
    What I will find impressive is if Sig takes the P365 into the realm that Smith & Wesson kind of goes and Glock NEVER goes....mix & match modularity.
    You mean like Sig already does with the 320 (which seems well beyond what Smith does... as I see Smith & Glock doing similar things with various slide lengths/frame size combinations)?

    Trying to understand what type of modularity you are talking about here.

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