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    good repro shooters

    It's tough to beat the various Colt 1851 cartridge conversion repros in 38 special for an afternoon's fun. Left is a Stoeger and right is the Cimarron version. Accurate, natural pointers, and good looking guns, it's easy to see why the 1851 was Colt's best seller in both muzzle loaders and cartridge conversion versions during the 1800s. An hour of two fisted shooting is inexpensive and fun.
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    Wood and steel, you can't beat it...
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    Get thee behind me, thou temptor!!!

    So far I've been able to resist, but that looks too fun.
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    Great looking pair Leadeye

    Oh, get your minds outta the gutter
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    Yes, nothing but fun
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    I would LOVE a conversion gun! So far, i have a 1849 Pocket and an unfired Remington conversion. I need one of these Colts!
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    Great looking guns, never owned a conversion.

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    One regreat I have is getting rid of my 1871 Open top repro...Tht thing pointed like a dream but it was in 38 s&w...It was one of the first releases IIRC...

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