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    I have a 2.0 that I got for a smoking price some time back. Shot it a few times, bought some mags, intended to make it my subcompact carry over my Glock 43, but then (before I put night sights on the Shield) I picked up a P365 and that's been my subcompact carry ever since. I keep the 2.0 Shield as my son seems to like it and shoots it when he is home on college breaks, etc.

    It's a good gun, and I found mine for an excellent price. Unless I had a bunch of mags for a Shield, and just wanted some redundancy, or needed to stay on a really tight budget, I'd go for a P365.

    I also have some M&P 2.0 Compacts and they have taken the place of my other "compact" carry guns. The texture on these or the Shield doesn't really bother me for IWB carry, but I can see how it might be a problem for some. Definitely like the texture of the grip when the gun is in hand.
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    Holding a Shield 2.0 in the shop I thought I would hate it. But they had one for rent (Applied Ballistics, Lafayette), and I really enjoyed shooting it. Best accuracy I've ever had. I have since bought one, it really fits well and shoots well.

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    I have a 1.0 9mm Shield with a 7 round magazine I carried as my pocket pistol for a few years.
    I like it fine, and never tried a 2.0.
    Switched to a Sig P365 with a 12 round magazine as my pocket pistol.
    The dimensions are nearly identical, and the P365 with 12 round magazine only weighs a few grams more than the 7 round magazine Shield.
    It made no logical sense to me to keep carrying the Shield with 5 less shot capacity.
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    I had one and I liked it except the grip texture snagged my shirts. I should have put a sleeve on it but, i sold it. I carry a Sig P365 now.
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    I have a 1.0 that I've grown tired of...

    I have a 2.0 FS that I quite enjoy. I do like the grip texture. I'm able to shoot the 2.0 FS better than my 1.0 FS.

    Kind of hoping someone would say "I hate the 2.0 and would much rather have a 1.0" so I could trade them.
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    Didn't like the grip texture when test firing the 2.0. My wife bought a 2.0 and put a green laser on it. She really likes the 2.0 trigger and the grip texture is a non issue fo her. It shoots accurately though.

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    Holy cow! Someone actually made a logical and relevant comment for their first post!

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