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    SIG P365 XL Mag issue

    After putting a few hundred rounds through it, I loaded 5 rounds of HST ina mag and went home.

    When I got home and wanted to clean the gun, the rounds just fell out of the mag, the follower was stuck, scary.

    The follower stuck at the cutout on right side of mad, I gave it a little push and it snapped up.

    I called Sig and they claim never heard of issue but I see a lot of activity on this out there. They are sending me a new one as a "courtesy" lol, its new...

    I think its better now, using speed loader to work past the friction point, but still disappointing.

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    I have had this happen on a couple of magazines, Beretta, Sig and even a Wilson 1911 magazine. The common denominator was a plastic follower in each of them.

    I just disassemble the mag and hit the front edges of the follower with a bit of sand paper to gently "round" them off. No more problems!
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    Im actually glad to hear that, starting to think i made a mistake.

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    I have a Magpul G17 mag or 2 that does this... That's why it's a range-only mag
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    if i manually unload my p365xl mags, they do the same thing. Follower gets stuck. However, i have shot a little over 1000 rounds through it live. I have never been able to replicate the issue when its feeding under recoil.

    I think MAC covered this in his review of the pistol on youtube as well.

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