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    380s PPK/S vs Glock 42 vs Ruger LCP II

    Decided to fire all 3 of my 380s yesterday. Distance of 7 yards from a standing position - 10 rounds each target with Aguila 95 FMJ.

    First up was my Interarms Walther PPK/S. Have not fired this pistol in a while but it ended up shooting about as good as I have ever fired it. Picked this up from the classifieds here a few years ago - the pistol has been 100% reliable and the 3rd PPK/S I have owned.

    Next up was the Glock 42 and I ended up with a lot of horizontal shot dispersion. Maybe it was due to the change from firing the PPK/S. Picked it up here on INGO as well. This G42 has not been reliable with Federal 95 FMJ ammo which the PPK/S eats right up. I bought a new upgraded magazine - same results. On the plus side the Glock sights are the easiest of the 3 for me to pick up - especially the front sight.

    Finally the Ruger LCP II. Picked this up at Gander in Ft. Wayne in July - got a great deal. The LCP II understandably is the hardest of the 3 to shoot well - the sights , especially with my eyesight are very difficult to see on a covered range. The LCP II really wants to move around in the hand and takes an extra firm grip. But it has been 100% relaible and is so easy to carry. Plus I shoot it more accurately than my Smith 642 Airweight revolver.
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    Good shooting on all of them.

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    Um... I think I will stay out of range of all three. That's pretty good shooting with small snappy .380s.

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