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    Indiana, mid 2000s, USPc40
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    Indiana carry permit 1979, 1911 Colt Government .45acp

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    Indiana 84 7.5" .44 Blackhawk

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    Nevada, 2015. Got a Glock 43 and immediately dumped it for a SW Shield in .45. First field test the Glock didn't pass.

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    For me INDIANA and the gun was a G22. A bit large but I was 21 years old and couldnít be reasoned with.

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    California 1979 Walther PP 32ACP. Other than a Ruger MK II bull barrel, it was the only pistol I had.

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    I got mine 2 years ago in the state of Indiana. I was 22 at the time. I was in Washington state when I was 21 and I thought about getting it then, but it was $36 for a couple of years (I don't think they have a lifetime license) and I didn't want to buy a license, move back to my home state and buy another one for a lifetime so I just road it out until I came home. Carry gun was the first gun I ever bought which was a Glock 19 gen 4. I still have it and use it as my EDC though I am looking at getting a gen 5 since I am left handed. I switched over to a Springfield XDS for a little while but I didn't end up liking it too much and switched back. I don't carry OWB much, but when I do, it's a glock 17 gen 5.

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    Indiana lifetime in 2012, first carry was a glock 26 gen 4. Currently carry a glock 19x with a crossbreed supertuck iwb, pretty happy with this combo. I will also carry a sig p226 mk25 with the same crossbreed supertuck holster. I was originally using aloe gear iwb holster but I gave crossbreed a chance and Iíve bought 3 from them now.

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    Alabama 1990, I was still in the military and carried a Taurus PT92 because it was similar to the M9 I was issued.
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    Indiana CC permit in 1988. First carry gun was a Taurus Model 85 blued, in .38 Special.

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