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    Who daily carries a full size?

    There are a lot of options out there for times when you may want to carry something smaller. That said, I never seem to want to. In fact, I never seem to keep a small handgun very long as they just don't feel right in my hand. My Glock 19 is the smallest I own, and it seldom gets carried because of the way my pinkie hangs off the end of the grip. I would like to hear from those out there who carry a full size on a daily basis like I do.

    For years. my daily was my trusty 1911, but I wanted a gun with a light mount, and decided to give some of the new polymers a try. At first it was an XD in .45 ACP. Very nice gun, but the double stack .45 grip was just a bit big for my short fingers. Decided to give Glock a try. I found a Vickers edition Glock 17. (here on INGO) I instantly liked the feel of it because the normal Glocks are made of a different plastic that I don't like. Being a 9mm, it wasn't quite as fat in the grip either. This is now my daily carry gun. I carry it with a TLR1 in a Bravo Concealment holster with the pancake loops.

    I've found that with a lose fitting T-shirt and the Bravo Concealment holster, I never have a problem with anyone noticing it. In fact, I think that even it it did print a bit, the worry of the general public noticing it is probably overplayed. They generally are oblivious to their surroundings. Maybe another gun owner, or a trained LEO may notice, but I'm not worried about them...

    With the full size gun I have a very good grip on the gun, a good sight radius, a mounted light, the best reliability, and excellent ammunition capacity.

    I still carry the 1911 from time to time, but it's a stainless S&W, so I reserve it for those times when I have to dress nice, and have my shirt tucked in, and open carry is my only option. It's heavy, can't mount a light, and has limited ammo, but at least it's pretty.

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    I carry all different things from pocket gun to full size cz75. I always carry owb with full size and just dress accordingly to cover

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    I switched from my summer warm weather 8rd 45 Shield to my cool weather 19rd Canik TP9DA.
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    I carry everything from a tiny LCP to a full-size M&P depending factors like the time of year and what I'm wearing. My most common EDC would have to be a M&P40 2.0 Compact, which is the same size as the G19. I do prefer the improved controllability and the increased capacity of a full-sized handgun, but sometimes it's just not in the cards.
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    Midnight Rider

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    Absolutely. Probably never need the bucket of bullets in the mag or 52 rounds total on the belt, but if you need them you really need them.

    If your attacker is in multiples or carrying a long gun, you might just need every round you have and more.
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    My edc is a Canik TP9SF in a Tier 1 Concealed appendix holster. AGIS or AEGIS is the holster model. Something like that.

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    Glock 17M pretty much all the time. 4" GP100 MC for backpacking and occasional other AIWB carry. Pretty much the only time I'm out of the house without a duty sized gun is jogging, then I'll go down to a Shield.
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    On occasion, Iíll carry a CZ Phantom but a G23/P07 sized gun works best for me. If I do carry a full size, itís most likely the Phantom or P09 in .40. Main reason that I donít is that I find full size uncomfortable when sitting for long periods and I sit for long periods for work.
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    Sig 226, 1911,and down to a G43
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    S&W N Frame, Thunder Ranch 22-4 Mod 1950. I put on a loose jacket and no one seems the wiser. Or maybe they don't care.

    Thor himself has spoken, mere mortals must make it so. - bradmedic04

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