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Thread: New toy

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    New toy

    For Christmas the wife got me the conversion kit for my Beretta 92FS to take it from 9MM to 22LR.
    It's a simple slide exchange and takes about 30 seconds to do.
    Works awesome. I have only put about 200 rounds through it, but it seems perfect.

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    You seem to have a wonderful wife!!! That conversion kit for the 92FS makes a great shooter a really great and inexpensive shooter. Enjoy!

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    What kit did you get? Is it the Beretta factory kit? I have a 92FS and a Wilson 92G so I wouldn’t mind getting a kit to add to the mix.

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    Yes. The factory kit.
    Only thing that I wish was different is that it came with a 10 round mag. Need a couple of 15s
    Like Indykid said, makes it an inexpensive shooter. Same feel,same trigger, just less money going down range.

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