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Thread: New Member with a Question.

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    New Member with a Question.

    I am looking for a place to post a like new compound bow for trade. Is this allowed on this site? I am looking to trade for a Glock 17 Gen 4 or 5. The bow is a 2018 Bear Species with everything you would need to hunt or target shoot minus rangefinder. Approx $600 to $700 wrapped in it with the upgraded sight. Can anyone answer if this would be allowed to post in the I trader?

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    There is a classified section here where you could post those things. However it takes 50 posts before you have access, or buying a site supporter status, see the sidebar, or supporter signup up top. Site supporter also gives you other benefits like more PM space, and some other things. The 50 posts rule is so that maybe you become a member of the site, and not just use it for buying and selling.

    Posts in the other areas about things for sale/trade are not allowed. I am sure there are rules around here somewhere for about this, but I couldn't find them this morning, and I am running a bit late on things this morning.

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    I will give you this morning to read and respond then I am taking the thread down.

    The rule.....
    We want to welcome you to INGO. We also want to take this opportunity to ask you to read the FAQ which can be found in my signature below. It's pointed out in great detail why we have the 50 post rule because to the newcomer it can seem like an obscure rule for us to want to enforce. In order to participate in the classifieds, you must contribute to the forum by either 1) content in the form of 50 quality posts (not one liners) or 2) financially by becoming a site supporter. That information can be found here:

    Please remember, we are a forum first and then a place for classifieds. There is a plethora of information available here and that's what keeps people here and what allows us to have a classifieds section.

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    Forum Rules

    Classified Rules


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    To quote my lady friend...
    "Rules.... So many rulez......". (Heavy sigh)....

    Beto is one of "Those" people that you hope to one day be able to throat punch.

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