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Thread: Adjustable Gas Block

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    Adjustable Gas Block

    Question... on a 300 BLK 9 inch pistol, is it really worth it? I ran my pistol unsuppressed with sub-sonic ammo and it cycled reliably... supers certainly kick more, but nothing like a standard 556 still. Debating swapping the gas block or if I'm just adding another adjustable point of failure? How much does that adjustable gas block really mitigate recoil on the supers?

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    Don't know about the 300 but I can tell you I've seen more than a few AR(223,556) rifles go down during 3 Gun comps because of the adjustable gas block.

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    This is probably not going to help you because I only shoot subs and only suppressed, but I built my home defense 8" .300 pistol using a SLR adjustable block. After tuning for the subs and suppressor it is extremely quiet and a very soft shooting gun compared to my other pistols and rifles. Yes, the AGB is a potential point of failure, but I execute my maintenance routine on this gun taking that into account.

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    If you do not plan to suppress the pistol and it functions and ejects reliably, no need for an adjustable GB. If your going to suppress it, you might need a AGB to tune the gas system for reliability with both subs and supers.
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    Thanks all - that helps!

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