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Thread: Ruger 9mm revolver bore size?

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    Ruger 9mm revolver bore size?

    Hi all - I'm curious about the *new* Super Gp100 9mm 8-shot revolver from their custom shop, specifically the bore diameter. Anyone happen to know if it's. 355, .356, .357, etc?
    Also, is it the same as the sp101 9mm bore?

    I know these are very specific questions, but I have little interest in these guns if they are just a 357 magnum barrel repurposed for 9mm, but I'm very interested if they're a true 9mm.

    Any ideas?

    (This conversation is **not** about the Ruger Single action w/ conversion cylinders ....)

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    It would almost have to be .355, most 9mm ammo is going to be jacketed so bumping up a few thousandths isn't going to work well.

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