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    Question What goes in your range bag?

    I take
    Eyes and ears
    Small brush

    What else do people bring?

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    Marksman Backpacker's Avatar

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    Targets folded to fit bag
    Post-it notes in various colors to shoot at.
    Pasters to cover holes
    Magazine loading aid
    Alcohol wipes to residue off hands after shooting.
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    Marksman seldon14's Avatar

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    Paper plates (best range bag targets)

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    I usually take at least a couple of bags at this point. One contains tools, cleaning supplies, and lubricants. Most often I carry ammo in an ammo can. Range bag might contain the following at any given time: electronic muffs, sharpies for marking targets, small ruler, small notebook with pen and pencil, cleaning solution and antifog for glasses, shooting glasses, gloves, pistols and magazines, two staplers with different depth staples, slings (for rifles), brass bag, Uplula mag loader, 12x monocular to check targets, small support bags, small towels, various other sundries.

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    IFAK... accidents happen.
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    Good stuff
    I see a couple of things that I need to add.
    Do most people carry ammo in their bag or in another container?
    Mine is starting to get heavy get heavy

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    Eye protection
    Ear protection
    Shooting gloves
    AK cleaning kit
    AR cleaning kit
    AK oil bottle full of CLP
    Optics cleaning kit
    Small tools (AK/AR sight tools, small screw drivers, Allen keys and Torx keys for rings and mounts)
    Small fixed blade knife
    Compact binoculars

    Ammo and targets go in a separate bag

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    My bag is usually a medium sized rolling suitcase, but sometimes a large one.
    3-5 guns
    several rolled up targets
    bag of markers
    gun oil
    small notebook & extra pens
    mag loader
    plastic gun rest
    3 beaded-bag gun rest
    ammo bag
    2 or 3 different small tools sets for adjustments
    electroc muffs or regular muffs
    3 different rags
    cheap binoculars
    3x5 cards
    rubber bands

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vic Z View Post
    I take
    Eyes and ears
    Small brush

    What else do people bring?
    Magazines!!! Lol. I hate to forget those

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    Eyes/ears for at least 3 people.
    Tool kit.
    Basic brush's patch's rods and solvent.
    Bore light.
    Tie wraps.
    Green and red dots on assorted sizes to cover the holes.
    Chamber flags.
    Gun mat.

    Loaded mags are in separate cases.

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