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Thread: Gun Jesus Apocrypha: The Gospel of Browning

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    Gun Jesus Apocrypha: The Gospel of Browning

    To give credit where credit is due, indy1919a4 sent this to me. The 1911 guys will appreciate it.

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    I still care....Really
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    OK that is pretty cool and spot on.....
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    OK, I hadn't seen this one. That was great! (In a Tony the tiger voice)

    I'd like to shake that man's hand some day.
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    1911s are like Glocks except they are for grown-ups.

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    I was about to say thanks for the laugh, then I spilled my lunch all over the floor in the office. FML.
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    I'm dying.....
    Quote Originally Posted by patience0830 View Post
    Thread killing historian.

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    That was awesome. Great message, and truly hilarious that he decided to go ahead and run with the whole Gun Jesus thing.
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    After watching that, I think I can skip church on Sunday and go shoot a 1911 instead. Itís what God would want me to do.

    Ď88 (aka The mad scientist)

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