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Thread: Ruger p90 45 ACP?

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    Ruger p90 45 ACP?

    my Dad passed his Ruger P90 45 ACP down to me and I love it for that reason, my question would be, how can I make the trigger/re-set a little more user freindly??

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    I usually have my local gunsmith do my trigger work. I'm sure one of the members here can point you to a good Smith in your area.
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    I,m in Lowell/Crown Point area. any info would be welcome.

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    Once you get the trigger cleaned up, treasure it and shoot the hxll out of it. I had one, and just flat wore it out. I loved that pistol.
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    My very first handgun was a P95DC (45 acp). That thing was built like a tank. Enjoy your dad's gun OP!

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    Wolf makes a spring kit for the p series rugers I put one on my p85 it was a definite improvement over stock, but just remember, if you spend a lot of money polishing a turd, in the end all you’ve a turd!

    you'll never turn it into a 1911 or even a glock! But what you will have a work horse that won’t win a beauty contest but will shoot all day long! (Oh if I can put the wolf kit on, anybody can do it!)
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    What's your plans for this gun. Will you carry it? Night stand gun? Or just something to plink with?

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    Larocca Gunworks out of MA

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    The P90 is a tank of a gun, it will last forever. I bought one (P90SS) to take on BYOG anti-drug deployments and it's still in almost mint condition. I rarely carry it anymore but when I do I'm reminded of how light it is for the size and it was originally designed to take the 10MM magnum (which never became a thing) so +P .45 is not an issue. I never found the trigger annoying enough to do anything with it...but I was raised on Army guns so YMMV.
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    Mine is SS as well, I'll shoot it and most likely it will ride my nightstand to greet any bad guys who are looking for a dirt nap. ; )

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