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Thread: .45-70 "Thunder Snub"

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    .45-70 "Thunder Snub"

    The gun is definitely "A-10 Warthog ugly", but dammit if it doesn't look like a hoot to shoot !!

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    Or... you could just take a small sledge hammer and give your palm a good whack. I'd try it once (the pistol, not the sledge hammer) but I doubt I'd want to shoot it a lot.

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    Yes.. once. I saw a 12 gauge pistol advertised that would probably give the same result.

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    I've fired a cylinder full of 45-70 govt. from the 10" barrel BFR several years ago. It wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting but was certainly an eye opener! 3" barrel, no thanks!

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    Nothing wrong with 45-70 revolvers, they have been around a long time. Made right here in Indiana.
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    I'll bet ankle carry is a nuisance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alamo View Post
    I'll bet ankle carry is a nuisance.
    Yea but you get some hellacious calf muscles (well one at least!)
    every day would be leg day!
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    It'd be a beast...but I'd sure like to try one!
    What a great field gun for big hairy creatures...
    Stupid should hurt!!! ~ Amishman44

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    Not saying the recoil isn't going to be stiff, but I'd bet it isn't as bad as you'd think. Just some quick looking around tells me it isn't going to be much worse than a stiff 44 mag load in a gun of the same weight. That short a barrel is not going to let the pressure build to max and actually decrease recoil over say a 7" barrel. All but one of the tested ammo appeared to me to have been intended for rifles and their longer barrels. Of course, if you'd load ammo special for that short barrel things might be a little different.
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    From one extreme to another.

    The recoil on the stubby would be significantly heavier than a .44 in the same configuration due to the much heavier bullet and the heavier charge weight although the lower velocity should dampen some of the sharpness of the recoil.

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