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    The other day I bought a sig p365. Like the size and canít wait to go shooting. Iím befuddled on what holster to get for it. Iíve done this before with other firearms. Every company says they have the most comfortable blah blah blah. By the time you find one that doesnít suck youíre a couple hundred deep in it. What works for you? Iíve never been an owb guy but this one is so small that may be a good option for comfort.

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    If you have one that you really like for one of your other carry guns, I would stick with it...
    Milt Sparks VM2 is always a solid pick or their summer comfort.

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    I end up using this one a lot.

    Things to remember about pocket carry: nothing else ever goes in that pocket, and keep your hand out of your pocket unless you are drawing the gun.
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    ^this iif you like a holster for 1 gun, it will probably be just fine for another one.
    I personally like Don hume belt holsters & Galco combat Master.

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    I donít particularly like the one on my other carry gun hahaha, I just dealt with it.

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    My preference is the Black Arch Holster Protos-M. I find them to be very comfortable. You can also swap the shell to different backers so you can make it OWB or IWB without buying another holster, if you wish.
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    Milt Sparks
    Kramer Leather
    TT Gunleather
    sauce will thicken upon standing

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    H.H. Heiser.
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    I tend to stick with Galco.
    Sig 226 - Concealable
    1911's - C.O.P
    Glock 43 - King Tuck
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    Uncle Mike's

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