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    Berretta 92 Variant Advice

    I've been thinking of buying a 92 variant for some time and was thinking of maybe looking into grabbing one after the virus leaves us. I'm stuck at a crossroads of which 92 variant I'd like to get, if it be the FS, the G (possible SD version), classic M9, M9A1, 92 A1 (if there's a difference between this and the M9A1), or the M9A3. A friend of mine has touted how he wants an A3 and I have to say the presentation of it is nice, but I don't know if I'd want a new look or a classic look. Price is also a point, where, I assume, 92FS variants are the cheapest option and likely to be found as LEO trade ins, and possible surplussing out of M9s.

    I'm just wondering if any of you have experience with these variants and could give some input on the main differences, drawbacks, and buying points.

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    I have a 92FS that I have added Wilson Combat parts to and love it. I also have a Wilson Combat 92G that is a sweet shooter. The 92G being a decocker only doesn’t take much getting used to. My FS was acquired through a trade and was a plain Jane piece but needed some attention. I wanted a fiber optic front sight and had AllenM do the jacking work. Removed the plastic bits and replaced with metal and then added the Wilson goodies. I was super happy with the results and mods can be done over time to make it what you want. There are barrels out there too if your worried a PD trade in is in need of a new tube.

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    I am a huge fan of the 92 pattern pistols. "G" model is a must for me, and the Vertec grip is a huge plus. I also really like the rounded trigger guard (strictly aesthetics) and flush cut barrel (clears leather better), so I would give the 92X a look (if you don't want to drop the cash on a Wilson Brigadier Vertec).

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    Personally, I own an M9A3 that I've basically replaced everything with Langdon and Wilson parts. Rides in a drop leg holster on a camo'd battle belt setup, and gets treated like a borrowed mule.

    I also have a Wilson Brigadier Vertec with their trigger job done to it, and it's probably my favorite handgun I've ever owned. It rides in a shark skin trimmed Wilson / Milt Sparks holster, and is delegated to BBQ gun duties and sissy / static range visits (because I'm a cheap ass).

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    Sort of a Beretta 92 series fan myself and if you are looking at the best bang for the buck (pun intended) I suggest the standard commercial M9 as for some reason even though other than the rear sight, roll marks and a couple of very minor cosmetic items it is cheaper than it's twin 92FS. Both are safety/decock versions. The G model is if you want decock only.

    The M9A3 is the modern version of the old 92FS Vertec. The current series known as the 92X also used the Vertec grip which originally was designed for those wanting a more 1911 style grip. The X series comes in several versions of full size and compact.

    With any you will be buying what is called the AK of the pistol world, very reliable and a true workhorse. The only thing it doesn't compare to the AK is it's accuracy. The 92 series is an amazingly accurate pistol.

    There are actually no draw-backs to any as it comes down to Beretta offering a zillion variations with it coming down to your personal decission.

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    I think I should clarify my intended use for it would be a fun/range gun and one to have it's own spot around the house in the event I need it in a certain room. So I'd likely get a full sized version since I don't intend to carry it, as I already have a carry gun in my Arex Zero 1 compact.

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    I too have thought about getting a Beretta 92. Wish I could purchase the one I carried and that slept next to me in Afghanistan.

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    With my Berettas, I have a pile of MecGar 18 round mags. They are flush fit and run like a champ.

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    I really like the M9A3 but it really does need the G mod imo. All of them do imo!

    The only problem I'm noticing is the vertex grip has a shorter length of pull. It's a fantastic shooter once you get used to that.

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    I've owned quite a few 92's...carried one several times overseas. Down to 3 right now, 92FS bi-tone, 92G and a M9A1. I also owned a D- model 92 for a few years. All are great shooters. I never cared much for the Vertec gripped models.

    G- models set up with the "D" model mainspring are the way to go. Don't have to worry about working the safety and the trigger pull with the D spring is very nice. My M9A1 is set up with a bunch of Wilson parts, slim grips and a D spring also. It has the added benefit of being able to use my Surefire light on the rail too.

    Find a G model for a decent price and trick it out the way you want!

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