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Thread: Elite Tactical Systems: M&P Magazines

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    Elite Tactical Systems: M&P Magazines

    Good morning INGO. I wanted to lean into your collected wisdom, to see if anyone has any experience with the Elite Tactical System magazines, and could comment on their build quality, reliability, etc.

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    I have a bunch of them for Glocks, got them at a very good price so I grabbed 15 or 20 of them. I'm talking like $6 each.

    I have never personally had a problem from any of them. For carry I stick with oem mags, but the ets mags have worked great for range time in my experience.

    Personally the price is the big factor to me. The price I paid, I am more than happy with them. Glock mags are pretty inexpensive anyways, so the price of the ets mags would have to be significantly lower for me to justify buying them over oem.

    I do not have any personal experience with the m&p mags though, but again if the price difference is only a few bucks then I probably wouldn't buy. Just my opinion.

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    I've used 17 & 22 round ETS mags for a Glock with no issues. Never tried the M&P mags.

    The best pricing I could find on OEM M&P mags (17 round) was Greg Cote, LLC. $28 each plus $7 shipping. I just ordered 3 for a total cost of $91. He's in FL and does not charge IN sales tax.

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    Thank you both for sharing your experiences. Before I'd consider them as part of a carry rotation, they would have to get through some serious range time. GunMagWarehouse currently has them for around $22, so I might be checking them out.

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    Canít say anything about the m&p ets mags but right now Iím batting .500 with them
    my ets glock mags are gtg, I use them in competition!
    my sig 320 mags are range use only! I used them in competition 1 time! A fried does t&e for ets and heís on the third generation of revisions

    good luck if buy them!
    Never too many sigs in your safe!-mike4sigs

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    Had a glock ETS mag continously malfunction. It went into the trash can at the range and I'll never buy another.

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