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    What is your longest serving CCW handgun ?

    Saw this question the other day and it got me thinking , my Dan Wesson ECO would be it for me. Carried it very regularly for the last 5 years which is not bad considering I got my CCW at 18 only 7 years ago! As usual a thread is worthless without good picks

    Original set up, almost embarrassed to admit I had crimson trace grips on it ...

    Current set up, switched to VZ slimline G10 grips and switched over to leather holsters from kydex.

    And yes I am bored

    Edit: Open carry guns are included all guns whatever you carry daily, unless itís a Obrez....
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    I think it's my 4" XDs 9mm. I bought it in 2015 and it's been my most carried of any of my pistols, past or present. I think I owned a Taurus PT-111 longer but never carried it as much.

    I love the thin profile. With the 9 Rd extended mag, it's a full size grip.
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    I have guns Iíve owned longer but as far as a CCW Iíve carried one of my P7s off n on for over twenty years. Carried it in an Alessi shoulder holster most of this winter.

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    An FNS 9c has been my go-to CC since 2015, usually in a StealthGear holster. Of my pistols, it is the one that is most comfortable in my hand and the one I shoot the best.
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    S&W 442-1 since the mid 90s.

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    Glock 26 Gen 3 since 2013. Itís picked up a mag extension and Ameriglo sights, but itís the same gun.
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    I don't CCW, by the longest term EDC I have is my Glock 29 I got right after Glock came out with them in 1997 I think.
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    .45 Commander, over 25 years.

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    If you count years of service in my brief case (yes I am old enough that I carried a brief case 5 days a week for probably 10+ years), it would be my SW66.

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    Glock 19C for the last 5 years and before that a Glock 19.

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