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    Sharpshooter wesnellans's Avatar

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    So, when you finally get the “Grail Gun”....

    Takes me a while to move sometimes. Never could get myself to go ahead and get the little 640 Pro I’d eyed for half a decade or more...

    Finally (shout out to kawtech87 and hopper)...

    From just-opened-the-box to first shots (after adding my fave unobtainium Uncle Mike’s boot grips), rapid fire, and everything in between...

    Yep. Glad to have pulled the trigger (in more ways than one!)!

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    Yep. I'm THAT guy.

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    Expert BGDave's Avatar

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    Very nice. I've finally gotten my last grail gun......Thinking maybe a nice Dan Wesson .22 would fit in.
    Laser eyed dog has mellowed (Daughters "hair missile")and cat is alive and well.

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    I like the fluted barrel. Problem with getting my grail gun is another always pops up.

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    Slapshot OurDee's Avatar

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    I'm not old enough to use last and grailgun in the same sentence. Well look at that.

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    I still care....Really
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    There is only the next one.
    AKA..Thor. Odin son. God of thunder.
    But you can call me John.....Force.

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    Le mot juste 2A_Tom's Avatar

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    I have very simple tastes. For years I wanted a Marlin .45 ACP Camp Rifle,to go with my 1911. When I finally Got it I was happy and still am.

    I have other guns, most of them are pretty generic. I am basically an impulse gun buyer, when I see something I really like I bypuy it if I can. If not, Oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BGDave View Post
    Very nice. I've finally gotten my last grail gun......Thinking maybe a nice Dan Wesson .22 would fit in.
    Sure you have.

    Something else will always come along.
    Well, I ain't always right but I've never been wrong,
    seldom turns out the way it does in a song.
    Once in a while you get shown the light
    in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by churchmouse View Post
    There is only the next one.
    This is the very definition of the "Grail Gun".
    Here Kitty, Kitty...

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    Grandmaster doddg's Avatar

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    Great shooting! I didn't catch from what distance, but looks good to me!
    Nothing like getting a gun you've learned about, researched, but it's a little out of your comfort zone, and then all of a sudden, you're holding one in your hand: exhilarating!
    After tooling around with many inexpensive .38 special CC guns, I had in my head to get a SW 642 hammerless & paid the extra to get that S/W name.
    That evolved into a grail gun that cost double, that I didn't even know I needed: the Kimber .357 6s, the perfect CC revolver.

    Today was a grail gun day.
    I am thrilled to get a classic .22LR revolver in a 1980s S/W 17-4.
    A fine example of why people love shooting a .22LR revolver.
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    That looks fantastic Wes, congratulations! It sure looks like you warmed up to it quickly. And not an easy one to get your hands on. Well done mate!

    Last edited by Hopper; 05-23-2020 at 22:29.

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