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    Quote Originally Posted by 700 LTR 223 View Post
    A spotting scope is a great range accessory to have , beats the hec out of binoculars.
    I have a 2X-7X Burris that I have used at 50 yards with great results on a TC Contender 22 and for a while had it on a Smith 686 357.
    Shot my best rested target with the 686 at 50 yards with it set at 6X.

    I've thought about picking up one.
    Saw this at Harbor Freight:A spotting scope for the great outdoors
    Compare to Celestron 14593491 at $72.
    20-60 X 60mm Spotting Scope With Tripod

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    Got my Hogue Mono grips yesterday.
    This is probably the 4th pair I've bought for different guns b/c I want a full purchase.
    If I don't shoot any better with them, at least I can't blame the grips.

    Hopefully, I'll make it to the range indoors tomorrow since I have a couple of revolvers I need to test out & it's problematic at the outdoor range to do only 21' & 30' & not be allowed to sit!

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