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    Who runs a comp?

    Just curious about who runs a compensator. I just picked up and installed an ARC9 threaded barrel and an Arc Division Spark-M (G5) comp on my G45. Haven't had a chance to get out and run it yet. Wondering what other Ingo'ers experiences might be with running a comp.

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    I run a KKM comp on my Roland Special. Just over 30k rounds on the gun since 2015, shooting a variety of ammo.

    Only issues have been when the gun is extremely dirty, and dry, ​and I am shooting subsonic ammo with a RSA that is on its last legs. Other than that, it runs great.

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    I own two Glocks with vented barrels. A 19C and a 23C. Front night sites blacken over after a few mags shot. But its fun to shoot cast with soft lube a a case full of unique and have it look like a coal train when shooting.
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    Are they worth the money for the comp, barrel, holster investment?

    How much flatter does the gun stay through recoil, if I do my part?

    Dot rise? Split time improvement?
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    I have Agency mini comps on both of my Gen 5 Glock 9mms. I don't shoot matches so I have no idea on the worthiness for competition but they do make a difference.
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    I have a heinie barrel and 2 port comp on my Springfield 1911 for USPSA/ steel challenge.
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    I've shot a Glock 17 with a Strike Industries Mass Driver Comp and I couldn't believe how much it helped in setting up the next shot.

    I was a sceptic before, but it was amazing.

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    I have carried a factory comped (Glock 19C) every for several years and compete with a 19C or a G45 with factory comp barrel and slide cuts. Interwebz says the 19C is worth about 30% recoil reduction and I can attest to the fact that it's a noticeable improvement. I haven't found any downside for me personally using a comped gun and for me there's a huge upside.

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