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Thread: Help me choose first hand gun (just for plinking/range fun, 22)

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    Help me choose first hand gun (just for plinking/range fun, 22)

    Hi, as per title. Not planning on carrying, I've got a firearm for HD already so this will just be for fun.

    Stuff I'm considering:
    1) Ruger mk ii
    2) buckmark
    3) an old high standard (really like these but worried about knowing a good one from bad, the different models are sorta bewildering, etc.)
    4) single six -- I'd like to maybe try CAS some day so this might be baby steps towards that

    Gotta be 22lr.

    Which would you choose and why? Totally subjective I know but I'm having a hard time narrowing. I'm sorta leaning towards a high standard but having to use sv ammo only is a bit if a downer and since they ain't cheap and they're old I'm a bit nervous there.

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    Any of the 4 would be great choices.
    Also consider the S&W victory!

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    I have a Ruger Wrangler, a Hi-Standard Sentinel revolver and a Taurus TX22. Of those, I like the TX22 the best, but I tend to like service/defense style pistols more than the target type. It's got all of the controls of my defensive pistols, so it's a good training pistol that doesn't break the bank at the range.

    I have actually considered picking up a dedicated target style pistol recently, just for range fun. Something like the Buckmark or Ruger that you mentioned. I think I'd gravitate towards a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite, due to a grip angle that I prefer over the raked grip angle of the standard model. Also, I hear that the Mark IV is extremely easy to field strip for cleaning, unlike its predecessors.

    As far as a single action, my Ruger Wrangler is fun and was less than $200. You might start there to see if single action revolvers are to your liking. A bit stiffer in controls and I'm sure not as smooth as a Single Six, but a reasonable facsimile to give you an idea.
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    After having experience with several .22LR pistols, my choice would be Ruger Mark IV simply for the ease of takedown for cleaning.

    I also am fond of the S&W M&P .22C. Same manual of arms as most 9/40/45 pistols. Plus it makes a nice suppressor host.

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    All of them.

    Right now, which ever one you can find. All of your choices will fit the bill for a plinker.

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    Of what you have listed. I would pick the Ruger MKII. Its super reliable and seems to operate fine with junk ammo all the way up to CCI velocitors and stingers.
    The drawback is you have to learn the unique way of re-assembly. Watch some youtube videos on it and you'll be an expert in no time.

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    I have a conversion barrel for my sig P226 and a P938 in 22. I really like the idea of being able to shoot 22lr on the cheap as well as more range time with my self defense pistols without recoil.. The P938 in 22 ia actually very reliable and fun to shoot.

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    I've tried them all & then some just for fun.
    The SW Victory is around $300+/- & is an easy one to field strip (had 4 of them).
    Same with the Ruger Mark 4 series, & I've bought them for $300-$400 (had a few & still have 1).
    Brownings have been good to me, as well and can be had for $300+ (had 3 & still own 1).
    Beretta Neos are can be had for $200ish (had 2 or 3 of them).
    The older SW 22A-1 can be bought for $200ish & are great shooters. (had 4 of them & still have 1).
    I have the Glock 44 but the Taurus TX shoots better & has a better trigger for me.

    You got to have a revolver, also.
    I've had nearly all of them, even some older ones like the H&R & Rossi that were $200-$300 & shot very well.
    The fixed sights on some usually don't serve me well & I prefer ones with adjustable rear sights.

    I don't prefer Single-Action, b/c I'm too impatient with ejecting shells 1 round at a time, but have a Ruger I really like & loved my Uberti.
    With revolvers, many are a medium frame & I have to put a Hogue grip on to get my pinky finger on.

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    I have a Ruger MK IV 22/45 Lite and a SW22 Victory.
    SW is about 40oz and the Ruger is about 25oz.
    Both are reliable. The Ruger is easier to take down but the SW22 is pretty easy with one screw to remove the receiver and one screw will remove the barrel.
    The SW is easier to clean since the barrel separates from the receiver giving you better access to both.
    The SW has very bright green fiber optic sights. The Ruger has blacked out rear and a black front. My personal preference is the SW sights.
    The SW has a 3.5lb trigger out of the box and the Ruger has a 6lb.
    The SW was $125 cheaper than the Ruger.
    I would recommend the SW22 Victory.

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    I love my Single Six and my bull barrel Mk ll Ruger. I also have a High Standard but it is a revolver (Sentinel) and I assume you were referencing one of High Standards target autos. If I were to buy another .22 pistol, my first choice would be a S&W 41 followed by a High Standard or Colt target pistol. I'd also consider a S&W .22 M&P.

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