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Thread: KelTec .380 question.

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    KelTec .380 question.

    Hello - thanks for letting me join.
    I am in search of someone who can help me with a KelTec P3AT - .380. Maybe a gunsmith in the Westfield area, or someone who is knowledgeable about this model of pistol. An older friend gave it to me and said he hadn't fired it in years. I'd like to get it looked over before I fire it the first time. Hoping someone on this forum will be able to advise me.

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    Welcome to INGO. I suggest posting your question in the Handgun forum where there should be someone who can point you in the right direction. The Introduction Page is typically for a few brief words about yourself and introducing you to the other members.

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    Welcome to the group neighbor!!!

    Wish I knew more about your KelTec.

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    I know a gunsmith that works on them but he's down by Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Wish I could help. If need be PM me I'll give you his number.
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    Is there a reason you feel the gun may have an issue? Just sitting around not being fired should not be a problem. I have a 3AT for my pocket gun, but it does not get shot a lot. A couple years ago my brother in law was looking for a small handgun and we shot the 3AT along with some other small handguns. The extractor on the 3AT broke during our shooting session, so I sent it to Kel Tec for repairs. Since I bought it used, they do have a charge of $60 for repairs. It was gone a few weeks, but they not only replaced the extractor, but most of the internal parts were replaced. It still has the original slide and frame, but most all the internal parts are new, updated versions. The gun shot great after that.

    Unless there are obvious signs of misuse or damage, I would get some ammo and send a few rounds downrange. Of course, check the barrel for obstructions to make sure it is ready to shoot. Take the slide off to clean off any dirt or lint that may be in there and add a few drops of oil to the rails. But if you feel there is something wrong with the gun or your friend did not take care of the gun, by all means take it to someone and have it checked out. Good luck.

    P.S. if you end up carrying your 3AT in a pocket, get a nice pocket holster. That will help keep dust and lint out of the gun and protect the trigger from accidentally being pulled during a draw.
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    ^This. I'd have someone generally knowledgeable about guns show you how to break it down, clean and lube it. Then you can head out to the range to test it.

    If it was a very old gun and/or with obvious defects, like a bad barrel or serious rust, then I'd be more concerned. Otherwise, just prep and shoot.

    Also, if you pocket carry, *nothing* else goes into that pocket besides the gun & holster (maybe a second mag if you have a special holster to hold it and the gun).
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    So who has a shop in the Westfield area that might consent to demonstrate how to field strip and clean this pistole for the gentleman?
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    You can get on the internet and several utube videos will show you how to disassemble it. It is not hard. I own one.

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    Go to for everything Kel-Tec. I haven't been there in awhile but it used to be a wealth of information.

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