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Thread: Glock 19 vs m11-a1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Route 45 View Post
    Got that right. Glock by a mile.

    I would agree if I was out of my head with a fever.

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    I was actually issued a Sig 228 And with prior issue experience with Beretta and Sig 220 I like the Sig better. I have a couple Glocks now and use a 19 quite frequently just because the cost and the fact we were starting to use them before I retired. But for me anyway Glocks are an "acquired taste".

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    Well, I guess I'll ask. What purpose would this gun fill for you? Carry, night stand, range gun, sit in the safe?
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    I am trying to turn every thread I involve myself in into a **** show.

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    IMHO, everyone should learn to shoot and carry the pistol that is the most prevalent out there.

    You can change later if you feel you must, but have the experience to relatively effectively run the gun the the majority of law enforcement, thugs and citizens carry.

    It might be the only gun available at the moment needed.
    Done, done, and Iím on to the next one...

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    Been through so many Glocks, and each time, "This is it, I'll get over that grip angle." Some love them, I guess you know where I fall.

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