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Thread: M&P Shield front sight movement?

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    M&P Shield front sight movement?

    I noticed the front sight of my M&P Shield has moved a little bit.

    Is this a common thing?
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    It shouldn't be an issue if you shoot it on its side like a gangster.

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    Sight movement shouldn't be a common thing on any firearm. Depending on how new the firearm is you might want to take it back to your dealer and have them look at it.
    The front sight may be a bit undersize

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    Do you know for certain it has moved, or did you simply notice it is of center.

    The front sight should be in there extremely tight and should be difficult to move on purpose, and impossible to move on accident. If it has shifted from where you KNEW it was you should probably replace it.

    If you looked at it noticed it's off center, I wouldn't worry about that as long as it shoots to point of aim. Sights often ship adjusted slightly off center, as long as the hit correctly from that position, no problem.

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    My factory sight never moved and neither has my Dawson FO replacement. That goes for both my previous 1.0 version and my current 2.0 version.

    I had to file my replacement sights in all cases just to get it installed.
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    I have felt like my sights are a tad off on my shield 2.0. It consistently shoots to the left about an inch or so at 5 yards.

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    My wife's LC9 had a front sight that seemed like they installed it with Astroglide instead of Loctite. I sent it back to Ruger and they returned it in 4 days. They just tapped all the way through the top of the front sight and drove in a roll pin... Hilarious solution in my mind but it hasn't moved since and whoever lined it up prior to the tap got it precisely centered.

    Have you contacted S&W?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovemachine View Post
    I noticed the front sight of my M&P Shield has moved a little bit.

    Is this a common thing?
    Why this is the perfect opportunity and excuse to buy a night sight for it.
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    this happened to me on my XDS as the fiber optic fell out, but it has a replaceable insert so I was able to put another one of them in.

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    I sent two Shields back to the factory to have the front sight centered. Both were visually off to the naked eye. S&W didn't argue one bit, which tells me it was a known manufacturing issue.

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