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    Sterling .25 Auto


    I recently acquired a Sterling Arms Model 300 .25 Auto pistol. It's not the type of gun I usually purchase but the price was right and what the heck.

    I figured considering the shape (perfect condition) and vintage (mid 80's, American Made) it was worth the $75 I paid for it.

    The gun appears to work fine but seems to jam on about every other shot. I took the ENTIRE thing apart and am 1/2 way through cleaning and reassembly. Any other tips that might help it feed better? I know the clip was loaded full for several years...the spring may be shot.

    Any suggestions on reasonable places to pick up replacement parts? I looked online and there are quite a few retailers with parts...however I just can't see spending $30 for a clip. I just wanted to get a feel for whether or not there are cheaper sources for clips.


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    polish that feed ramp with an actual polisher bit. And then take it to the range and try only very light oil. Diffrent guns like difrent oil levels. If your ammo is really dirty then only use enough oil to lightly coat the rails. Put oil on a paper towl and rub it on.
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    Turtle hit it on the head: Polish feedramp (w/o taking material off) and really really clean the thing up. You may also want to consider polishing the breechface (to help the round slide up the face as its being inserted into the chamber) and even polish barrel hood a bit (top part of chamber, helps round slide in).

    As for parts: Cant help you. Therein lies the issue with guns like that: no one made parts for them, not a huge demand for it. Guns like that were intended for replacement by the company, but when the company decides to crumble or not make em anymore, folks are up the creek. Parts for odd guns are going to be expensive or non-existant. Just a rule of law...
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  4. #4 i got myself a new magazine there for bout 20 dollars and the springs are very strong and sturdy, stopped my davis from jaming up

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    I once owned a Sterling .22 auto that I purchased NIB in the late 70s for around $79.95. It was a reliable firearm as long as it was clean and lubed. Check out Wolff Gunsprings Manufactures springs for modern and vintage firearms, guns, hammer, pistols, handguns, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, semiautomatic, accessories, weapons, law enforcement, hunting, shooting, recoil, colt, mainsprings, magazines, IPSC. There is a possibility they may have some replacement springs.

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    I bought one off an INGO member early this year and had multiple problems with it. I contacted numrich gun parts and ordered new springs(a total of like $10 or $15) and its worked great ever since. Just keep in mind when you replace the springs on this pistol you have to replace both the firing pin spring and the recoil spring. The recoil spring is all that holds the slide forward keeping it in battery...

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    Thanks for the friendly advice. Like I mentioned, I normally stick with high quality stuff but the gun intrigued me. I will do as you say and polish the contact areas. I agree that replacing the two springs is likely a good cheap fix idea as well. I had a good time yesterday at the Indy 1500. I'm sure everyone else did too!


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    took it down to each pin and spring, lots of hidden "gunk" in the action. i polished the feed ramp, clip slide, part where the firing pin comes out, slides, and anything else that had been rubbed shiny already.

    reassembled, combat loaded it, and emptied it without a single jam. so now i can go to the range and see how it does. much better!


    unfortunately i started REALLY cleaning my 1911 now (also gunky) and that's in 1,000,000 pieces. much easier gun to take apart though.

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    here's a few pics if anyone is interested.

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