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    The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly About The Jericho 941.

    Glock, H&K, Sig, Beretta... You know them, you use them, you love them. And why shouldn't you? They're some of the best pistols available today. I however took a little different approach and bought a Jericho 941 (also known as the Baby Eagle) mainly because I wanted a pistol that felt comfortable, I knew the design had been based on the CZ-75, and I also have small hands which the Jericho seemed to fit. I wanted a new pistol that was cheaper than a Sig or H&K but I'm not fond of Glock or Beretta. The Jericho was my answer. I know there's been a few reviews of the Jericho 941 before but those are about previous models and of polymer furniture.

    **I own the Jericho 941 R steel frame mid-size model in .40 S&W so all information provided below pertains to this particular handgun. Just because I own a Jericho 941 doesn't mean I think it's the best pistol. It has it's flaws and I feel that anyone who's thinking about laying the cash on the table should know what they're buying.**

    1) The Good: The pistol is very, very comfortable to hold and that's an understatement. Anyone who holds the Jericho will instantly fall in love with the way it fits the hand. There is also no slide movement or shaking like there is on some firearms. The pistol is very solid. It's also very thin for a firearm that holds 12 rounds (plus another in the chamber) of .40 S&W. IWI (formerly IMI) has a history and reputation of building sturdy firearms and the Jericho is no exception. The newer models like mine come with tactical rails for those people who like adding goodies under their pistols. The trigger is also amazing and feels great to pull. The pistol is also very accurate.

    2) The Bad: The Jericho is quite heavy (again, I have the steel frame). The polymer model I held didn't sit as well in my hand so it felt like I had the choice of a heavy pistol that fit in my hands or a lighter pistol that didn't feel comfortable. I've yet to find a holster that fits my Jericho and even if i do, the pistol is still heavy which makes it a little more uncomfortable. This pistol (the steel model) isn't a concealed carry model, that's for sure. Magazines are also pretty expensive so prepare to dish out the money if you want a few spare ones.

    3) The Ugly: The Jericho isn't a pretty pistol like the 1911's or Sig's. It looks fearsome and tactical. It's been designed to survive in a harsh environment and it doesn't have the appealing qualities some collectors or shooters desire. But this area doesn't determine the quality of the firearm of course.

    Summary: I'm satisfied with my Jericho but it isn't suitable for carry if you can even find a proper holster for it. It's a solid, comfortable, accurate, and reliable firearm.

    Take care and stay safe and I hope this information was useful to anyone thinking about purchasing a Jericho 941.

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    They sold these in the 1990's with an included caliber conversion for like 3 different calibers. I still wish I had picked one up.

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    An associate of mine carried the full metal 9mm Jericho for a while and it has since been sold to another friend. It reminds me of the Beretta 92 in fit and feel, but I think finding a holster for it is the biggest set back. They complained about the size for carry, but that is subjective. The more I think about it, the more I think it's just a cousin of the 92.
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    Got any pics? Would like to see the ugly bugger!

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyrping View Post
    Got any pics? Would like to see the ugly bugger!

    I would also love to see some pics, and that was a great review, thank you.
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    I'll be putting pics up if you'd like (probably later tonight). Thanks guys!.

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    Sounds like a good gun. The weight issue can most likely be handled with a good holster. Crossbreed or Raven Concealment are my favorites but I don't know about that model.
    Have you considered getting the polymer and haveing the grip done by Robar, I have a couple of them and like them a lot.

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    I don't like the feel of the polymer models. For some reason the grips don't agree with my hands and they feel a little uncomfortable. But i'm sure they make an excellent carry gun. It's too bad the Jericho isn't more popular.

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    Thanks for the review. I own a fullsize steel 9mm Jericho. Magnum Research doesn't import them anymore. Charles Daly does now.

    Jericho 941

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    I have the Polymer version in Semi-Compact 9mm. Not the new ones with the finger grooves as I don't like those. As he said, you will fall in love with the grip and how it feels in your hands. That's what drew me to it. It's very accurate, more so than am I. Mine also has the rail, but at the time the Semi-Compact was the only one that did.

    I disagree with the opinion of the looks from the OP. I think they are MUCH more sexy than the SIGs, but not the 1911's. Those are just sexy! Definately much more sexy than the GLOCKS! While the Polymer version is heavier than other pistols, it's much lighter than a 1911 and maybe a little lighter than some Sigs. I held a Steel version today at Bradis and I agree it's NOT a carry gun for how heavy it is. I do carry my Polymer Jericho as an EDC.

    I had some failures in mine in the first 450 rounds fired, but have not had a failure since. I've fired about 1000 rounds through her and like I said before, she's VERY accurate.

    Here is my Baby Eagle. I carry it in a Kydex custom holster OC, and an Uncle Mike's knockoff CC....

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