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Thread: Website is up, Case Lube is now shipping

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    Website is up, Case Lube is now shipping

    The website is now functioning and we are taking order. Also offering annealing services. Know a gun shop that you want to carry some lube so you aren’t paying shipping? Let them and us know!
    Firearm Accessories - Tactical Gear - Ammo - Optics
    10% off your first order, code INGO20

    We buy everything remotely gun related you can stuff in a box and pay for shipping in most cases. PM today

    25% on items we value up to $75
    30% on items we value up to $150
    40% on items we value up to $300
    50% on items we value up to $500
    60% on items we value over $500

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    Won a bottle a while back and finally got around to testing it due to having a 5 month old now and not much time to work on my hobbies. It does work and on the 50 223 casings I resized did not stick whereas with another lube I was using I would have a few that would require a little more effort to bring the ram back down.

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