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    $100 gift card INGO exclusive giveaway! (Through 5/9/2020)

    Donít think I can keep up with weekly giveaways forever, but had some awesome response on the first and itís been so fun talking with and meeting a lot of you I hadnít yet over my last 12 years or so on INGO.

    Lets go BIG!

    Iíll be giving away a $100 gift card (with no expiration) to my eBay store, this week. Youíll find this to be more valuable than most stores, because of my used prices.

    As you know, Iíve been buying out gun closet cleanouts, reloading stuff, piles of holsters etc, and Iíve gotten some WEIRD stuff. But I buy EVERYTHING you sell.

    Rules to win.

    1. Post below by midnight on 5/9/2020 with the one gun related item you have in your collection you think you could never in a million years find a buyer for. (Hint: Iíll buy it!)

    2. Weíll print off responses, cut em up, and draw a name from a range bag at noon EST on Sunday 5/10/2020 and post the winner of the $100 gift card!!

    (noticed a lot of folks saying factory handgun sights... I buy them too!)
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    10% off your first order, code INGO20

    $50 gift card giveaway!

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    Iíll start (but Iím not eligible).

    vintage Lyman All American Dies in 257 Robert
    Firearm Accessories - Tactical Gear - Ammo - Optics
    10% off your first order, code INGO20

    $50 gift card giveaway!

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    Used FEG hipower clone recoil spring

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    Always up for someone else!

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    Buffer for 9mm AR pistol. Palmetto State stock buffer (solid steel) drilled out and lead added to increase weight. It only went from 5 ounces to 5.6 ounces and that small increase didn't help with my suppressor, so I bought a tungsten weighted 10 ounce one.
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    Techna Clip for sub-compact Glocks
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    A gun lock that came with a new gun. I've actually got a bunch of them. Glock, Ruger, PSA, etc. Nobody would buy one of those. They are a dime a dozen, Lol! Most still in the package.
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    YHM QD mount for a Huntertown Arms Kestrel supressor.

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    Like the Principal, I have a bunch of those cable locks that I'll never get rid of.

    I also have some cheapo nylon drop leg holster a friend used for Halloween then gave me because "I have guns"
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    Stock plastic guide rod for a Beretta 92FS

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