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    Picked up some .380, wasnt a deal but it was fair and i needed. Had some Kydex bent for the browning .380. Picked up a dustcover and went ahead and grabbed a lock pick kit for fun. Was looking for 9mm AR stuff but the prices were very meh. All in all a fair show if not a little slow

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    Bought a Kimber K6s and traded a Glock 31 for a Glock 19 and a bit of cash. Didn't get as much for the 31 as I wanted, but no one was fond of 357 sig.
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    Great deal on 223 and 45. Bought 500 rounds of .223 for $140 and 500 rounds of 45 acp for $130, both came in a plastic ammo can. Bought a couple boxes of precision ammo 45 jhp for $20 for a box of 50, and some guy had 20 round boxes of handloaded 308, 168 gr seira match king for $15 a box. Figured for that, I'd buy a few and see if the savage likes it. Oh, and I made the mistake of buying all this anmo at the beginning and had to lug it around on my back. Also bought a 40mm ammo box I plan on turning into a center console for the jeep.

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    $5.00 Glock mags in bulk would have been a steal, were they actual used Glock factory mags or aftermarket?
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    Really wanted to go but other stuff got in the way all weekend. First 1500 I've missed in 6 years. Didn't need anything but I was out of cheese, sausage and jerky.
    Did I miss anything good?


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    Nothing, but I enjoyed walking around and meeting others with a common interest.

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