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    Well? What did you get?

    A couple of hours in and nobody has posted?

    What up with that?
    Fierce defiance

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    I'm going in the morning. I hope there is a lot of AR stuff there at a good price. I'm taking 6 boxes of HORNADY VECTOR ILLUMINATED TRAJECTORY 9mm ammo and a couple of AR 7.62x39 uppers to sell. I may buy a S&W M&P shield in .45 if I can find one at a good price. I'd like to find an old Remington 1100 in great shape. Any body see any NV scopes, 3gen ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by K_W View Post
    You got Operations Security at the 1500?

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    Picked up 8,000 primers (5K sm. pistol and 3K sm. rifle), 16 lbs of powder (8 lbs of TiteGroup and 8 lbs of Varget), 2,000 9mm "once-fired" 9mm cases, a caliper and a para cord bracelet! Unfortunately, the money ran out or I would have kept going...

    "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake"
    ~Napoleon Bonaparte~

    Si vis pacem, para bellum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KellyinAvon View Post
    You got Operations Security at the 1500?
    Doesn't everybody?
    Even if it seems certain that you will lose, retaliate.

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    Picked up a very nice nickel plated Walther PPK. Also a couple 500 round boxes of 22LR.

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    Hopefully heading over today to find a Weaver #90 and a few thousand SPP
    I thought Mosin Nagants came from the earth and there was a limitless supply of this raw fuel?

    Reminder to NOT shop Optics Planet.

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    Picked up an aero lower, lpk, 45 acp jhp, and some surplus gi mags. The mags use to be 5 bucks at previous shows but they bumped them up to 7 but while searching through the box I found 5 lightly used bcm magazines.

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    Anyone know if patriot holsters is there?

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