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    Quote Originally Posted by Kpquinn9100 View Post
    Wondered this myself. Good info. On the topic, I wish there was as much milsurp stuff as there was 10 years ago when I first started going to the show. Now you really have to keep your eyes peeled for deals. Seems to be overinflated with Chinese made/ replica stuff now.
    When I first started going in the mid to late 80's. Milsurp was THICK at the 1500. I am talking stacks of M-1 Garands, M-1 Carbines and seemed that every other vendor had cases upon cases of in cosmolean covered Chinese SKS's both paratrooper and regular your choice $110.00 paratrooper, $99.00 standard SKS w/ a bandoleer of 7.62x39. AHHH...those were the days, thought they would never end. Should have bought more back then, but had small kids at home back then and the authority's(and their mother) get mad if you don't buy them food and clothing.

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    I always heard it was because of 1500 tables also.

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    My memory tells me that long ago it was once known as the Indianapolis 500 gun and knife show. It didn't take long for the Speedway owners to let the gunshow management that they had the rights to Indianapolis 500 and any variation thereof. Just adding a "1" in front of the "500" made the lawyers happy.

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    That would seem reasonable

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    The shows aren't as big as they used to be either. They used to proudly and boldly state it was the largest gun show East of the Mississippi. Now it's one of the largest gun shows East of the Mississippi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JettaKnight View Post
    The real answer is no one would come if there was truth-in-advertising and they called it the "1500 crop dusted beef jerky show".
    Ooops...sorry about that.

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