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    So... Friday ice storm..., good day to go, or bad day to go?

    I'm off today and thinking I can make it there.

    But will all of the vendors be setup?

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    I'm planning on going as well. Not too worried about it.
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    The doors don't open until 2 and hopefully the weather will be straightened out by then.
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    We will be there. Booth set up and ready to meet some new people.

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    If there are screaming deals on a vendor table (say a nice revolver at a significant price under value) then the first day is always the best day to go as these items will be sold off first come first served. Isle normally wide open after the starting bell at 2 and do not see much higher crowds till later in the evening as the peopleís le get off work. This is when the booth to booth sales seem to happen.

    Saturday normally has the highest turnout and the more crowded isles. Normal run of the mill current production items will still be available all weekend once again unless the demand outruns the supply. People hold strong on price if the crowds are high.

    sunday morning is my favorite as some who donít want to haul it back home will be a little more willing to deal. Sure the first rate smoking he made a mistake on what he had deals are gone. Isle less crowded as some are in church Others are getting prepped to watch some football. I like sunday first off in line myself. I can not remember how many times I have found someone giving away a last day of the three day pass in the lot on the way in. I normally know from here the percentage of garage sale booths in attendance and what sales others have found on ammo and components.

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    Going to see how the weather goes. Was planning on coming down this afternoon. Right now, roads up here are iced over and nasty.
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    Waswanting to go today,but don't think i want to make the 50 mile drive in this weather!!

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    I`m still going. My wife thinks I`m crazy?????

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    90 miles for me would take too long to get up there. Maybe later if I'm lucky.

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    Turned out to be a good day to go.

    Drive down at 2:00 PM wasn't bad at all. Traveled about 80% of posted speed. Got there at 2:15PM and parked closer than I ever have. No line to get in.

    Here's the best part. They setup less tables so the aisles were WIDE!

    Crowd was light, but that is good for those that do go. Only a few tables were empty.

    Here's the worst part. Didn't look at handguns at all. My next two purchases aren't out yet.

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